The first one 

I’ve wanted to make a quilt for so long, I thought they would be so great for personal Christmas presents. The only aspect of quilt making, or any sewing project for that matter is collecting fabric, I’ve got so much already is insane. Anyway this was a great product to get back into sewing and play about eight my new machine, which still has me in a muddle at times. I started by laying all the pieces on the floor to get some kind of pattern.

I chose to make a pattern with all the green squares and fitted in the others around the greens. 

I made quite a few mistakes when it came to the backing and side pieces, firstly I got to excited when cutting it all and chopped the ends off! Not very helpful and took me ages to figure out what I had done wrong. By the end I was getting frustrated and rushed the sewing as well and now it’s stretched in the one corner. I have watched a few you tube videos and read a few magazines since and I’m looking forward to trying again a bit more prepared this time. Keep posted for that one.   

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