The one with the ball gown.

I love this one, it was so simple and complicated all at the same time. 

It all started with a monsoon dress on eBay! I loved the look of it and it was a bargain, so who could resist.

As you can see strapless doesn’t really fit well to my body shape and being someone who likes to move on the dance floor I needed something that would have a more elegant fit. 

I ordered some black shiffon fabric on line and got to work draping it over my shoulders to see which style would look best with this dress, I wanted it to cover my arms and drape down a bit.

I pinned the length I wanted and width then copied another piece for the other side. My new sewing machine came with a rolled hem foot which I have been dying to try out. I spent a good few hours watching videos and experimenting to get the finish I wanted, it’s not as hard as it looks, just take your time and be patient with it. Of course with everything I am doing at the moment there we’re mistakes, I rolled one of the hems the wrong way and it not lies on the outside to the sleeve but thankfully it’s so small it’s hard to notice unless you are looking for it. 

After sewing all 4 of the rolled hem seams I set about pinning the sleeves in place with pins, I knew I want the back of the dress to be straight so I could pin that bit on at the table then I put the dress on to pin the front bits.i wanted a ruffle effect and after playing about I decided to put little pleats into the front, once it was all pinned and looked ok I took the dress off and started sewing. I sewed on the back parts first and the put the dress on again just to double check it was ok. I found it easier to rep in the front once I had sewn on the back because I could pull it a little tighter where needed. Dress off again and I sewed the front down. 

I loved this alteration. 

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