All or nothing. 

I have decided to go all in! I had been playing around at being a sewist (not technical term 🤓) I decided to go all in and make a dress for the summer from scratch. I found a lovely patterned blue linen fabric at the Wimbledon sewing machine’s sewing and craft superstore,  I discovered this place in the May issue of Sew Magazine. It’s perfect, light and easy to work with. Next job find a pattern. 

I chose this one, the same had a sale on their paterns so I had a look though the massive selection on books and settled on this one.

 I do have a stack of paterns at home already but like many newbies I made the classic mistake of thinking my pattern size is my ready to wear size 😔. I am a 16/18 on the hanger but a 20 in the world of sewing, that was a hard pill to swallow but once I git over it it’s not a big deal. More incentive to loose weight I guess but that’s a whole other blog adventure!

Onto the dress, 

It took me pretty much the whole morning just cutting out all the pieces, but when I finally got there it was great to start sewing. 

The bodice came together very quickly and I was so impressed how it was looking so soon like a dress. I decided not to use interfacing and instead I just cut a double piece for the back and front sections. I did this for 2 reasons, first of all, I didn’t know I needed it or even what it was 😜, second, when I found out what it was I didn’t want to make it too stiff.  it looks great without. I have bought some for the next one I make to compare. 

I wish the rest of the dress was this easy or at least I wish I had paid attention. I was able to sew the elastic in and put the top on to check tension was good. That was all fine. The skirt was so bad……….. I put the 2 skirt pieces together the wrong way TWICE! Then I attached the skirt to the bodice the wrong way 3 TIMES😱😱😡!  I could not believe I was doing it! I started this dress on a Sunday with the hope to finish it by Monday and hem it on Tuesday but it took me 2 weeks after all the mistakes and I ended up taking it with my to my mums one weekend to get her help on the hem. God bless mothers!

So it got finished in the end it its a great fit.

For the next on I am planning to make the mid drift shorter as its a bit long on me.

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