Baby Quilt part 1.

So once again, another ‘new baby’ related make. This baby is going to be very spoilt, there are a few of us family members all busy making bits for him/her. 

My sister and I went on a very successful trip to Shepherd’s Bush for fabric. I got this super cute elephant print which she picked out. I already had a stack of quilting squares in my stash for other projects, so I just needed a backing fabric and some wadding. I got both these near where my sister lives in camberly she lives 5 min walk from a great fabric shop. 

I got a nice spotted white cotton and some thin wadding. I don’t want it to be too warm as it will mostly be used as a play mat rather than a sleep quit. I have enough fabric left to make a pillow or 2 to match. 

I started off with an idea of large and small squares an I cut out 12 large squares and used the ready made quilting squares to put a pattern together. As with most projects I ran out of time and packed it away for a fair few week. When I pulled it back out again I had a whole new look in my head. I decided to cut the small squares into 4 triangles. I also realised how wonky the large squares were so I took the time to measure and cut each one straight this took me all day but with quits you really need to be precise or once you sew it together it won’t have the wow effect and will cause you problems. I learnt this with the last one I did. 

Now everything is cut out and straight I played about with a pattern.

I then started to sew the triangles together I noticed another mistake I have made, I hadn’t taken into account the seam allowance. So now my large squares were much to big. I had to re-measure and re-cut them out so that they would fit. 

Now I have all the right measurements I got on with sewing. Taking care in the extra details, like making sure I match all the squares together evenly. 

It’s coming together lovely. Smaller than I thought because of my forgetting to take into account seam allowance. But still a nice size to be a play mat. 

I shall be making an attempt to finishe this over the weekend fingers crossed so stay tuned for part 2. 

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