The Sewing Weekender

Sooooo I am sooooo excited to be attending The sewing weekender hosted by Fold the line. It’s in just under 3 weeks and I am busy thinking about what I will take to make while I’m there. 

I’ve never been to anything like this before, and I enjoyed the Great British sewing bee meet up so much that was hosted by Elena from Sew it with love and Ana from CocoWawa crafts that I had to sign up for this trip and meet up with  lots of like minded people and listening to talks from the experts. 

So for now I am thinking as I signed up to the Simplicity pattern challenge and haven’t started either of my entry makes I should take one to do there. 

I signed up for both the newcomer category and the childrenswear  category. 

I got the itinerary through the other day and I’m pretty sure I will spend more time drinking tea and chatting than sewing but it’s a good thing to be prepared on the off chance I have nothing wise to say 😂😂. 

Failing either of these patterns I have ANOTHER quilt on the go for my boyfriends mum’s birthday. She lives in Brazil and so I am trying to make her something each time I visit. I made her a necklace last year. 

Ok that’s it for now. Have a good week  x

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