One year on! Let’s catch up. 

Hello guys! I hope your still out there? As I look back at the date of my last post and realise it’s a week short of a year since I last posted anything. 🤔

What a year it has been! 

I’ll start from where I left off. 

So my nephew was born in September, I celebrated by sewing a cute little onsie with some gorgeous stripe cotton I got from the delightful cocowawa.  So many new technical challenges with this but I did it start to finish in a morning. I even used my new ‘poppers’ tool. 

From then on my sewing adventures took a break as my man and I went to Brazil to visit his family and while we were there he popped the question, in the most perfect way so of course I said yes! 

Yep you guessed it my ‘to make’ list has gone from dresses and blankets to wedding related crafts and what a list that has become!!

Also this year I have changed jobs and moved house all in the same month so it’s been a little chaotic around here but my new job is less hours which can only mean more time for craft right?! I treated myself and popped to Ikea to get a little sewing desk and some storage boxes and voila I now have a sewing ‘area’. I’m so happy with it, its not to big but still enough space to leave a project out which has made finishing things alot easier. I would love a dress form but I have been told no for now (One step at a time 😂).

I have a few projects on the go at the moment, this crochet blanket is taking priority as I need to finish it by September for a special someone’s 60th birthday. I’m making some bunting for the wedding, I’ve got a slight obsession about, it’s so quick and easy! I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to make some. I also have some essential in the table but I won’t show you those untill after the wedding which by the way is in April! 8 months and counting. 

Oh I did have a brief sewing holiday and made a lovely maxi dress that I just need to hem. I copied one of my vest tops, made tons of mistakes, one of which head not leaving seam allowance when I cut it out and I couldn’t inserts and how my top would fit but I couldn’t get this dress on, tea and a wedge of ‘frustration’ cake I had the light bulb moment and set to work to put it right. I ended up making 2 strip panels and just added them in from the armpit. I made my own bias (oh la la) and pur it around the back and sleves, it’s amazing how professional it wan make it look. 

I’m sure I’ll get round to finishing it soon but for now It’s on the wait list. 

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