The birthday blanket. 

My most amazing mother turns 60 this month and we are all off to Spain to celebrate the big day. She has always envied our beautiful big colourful  crochet blankets made for us by our darling Grandma who passed 2 years ago, she had made one for all the grandchildren (all 14 of us) so I thought it would be a nice gift, colourful but in my own uniformed style. 🤗

The finished blanket. 

I started this with the intention of it being for Christmas however with work commitments, a house move and a wedding to plan it took me a while longer. I finished it the night before we left for the airport so mum could have it before we left.

It’s made up of 130 granny squares 5 rounds long and I used the join as you go method. Mostly once I had made 10 squares I would join them together. 

The wool is from Dunelm. I will say though I am still learning and one thing I hadn’t factored in was the batch codes! I wasn’t sure when I started what I was doing or how large it would be and so I didn’t work out how much to buy, I’m my nieve state I just assumed I could get more if I needed which is half true. As a result this is made of 3 different batch codes, I’m sure no one can tell but I know the bottom squares are a lighter shade than the top which is much brighter. 

This is how I would carry my bits of wool and hook, It went every where with me so when the babies I look after are asleep I could get stuck in, or traveling. In fact parts of this blanket have been to Brazil, Portugal, Switzerland and France. 

130 of these bad boys!

So that’s been my project for the past year or so. 

Next on my list are some actual clothes that I can wear! I have plans for a cardigan and a couple of work dresses. 

See you soon. 

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