Crochet hat!

Moving on from blankets I thought I’d try something new as the only thing I’ve really been able to crochet is a granny square! Big ones, small ones, mixed coloured ones and joined together ones, so now winter is coming I’m giving hats a go. 

I think I mentioned in one of my previous blogs that I learnt how to crochet from some great you tubers. My favourite two to watch are Jayda InStiches and Bella Coco. Jayda works on American stitches and Bella Coco works on English but does translate to American for reference. That bit doenst really matter to me as I refer to each stitch as loop, loop-i-doop or loop-over-loop-i-doop 😂 I’m never going to be able to read a pattern as I’m a visual learner so I figured it doesn’t matter too much.

I got this pattern from Jayda’s page and it’s super simple, I adapted it slightly as I wanted to see how reducing the stitches works. 

She uses lovely chunky wool but as I’m just practising I used left over wool from the birthday blanket, it means it takes longer but I still managed to finish this on one day. Its fab Dk wool from Dunelm. I used a 5mm hook for this. 

As I’m making toddler size I made my cuff 2 inches which worked out 11 chain stitches aka loops 😂.

I made the cuff 17 inches long. The child’s head measured 18 inches but I wanted it not to be saggy so I used my gut instinct and made it 1 inch smaller as it will stretch. This works out a perfect fit for his cute little head. 

The next bit is so quick and no counting needed. I stitches round untill it was 2.5 inches high (above cuff. So 4.5 inches in total)  In hind-sight I should have made it a little bigger, I was going for more of a beanie look and maybe one or two more rows would have been better, next time I will do to 3 inches as it doesn’t quid cover his ears. Also on this to make it so the cuff can be turned up I would make it 5 inches tall depends which style you like best. 

I decreased the stitches all the way to the top then turned it inside out for the knotted wool is on the inside.  

I love how it has turned out. Watch this space I see everyone having a new hat for Christmas this year. 

In other news, I have an overlocker in the post -eeekkk! Those jersey trousers won’t know what hit them. 

Thanks for reading. 

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