Pattern review! Joline hoodie. 

I have finally completed a item I can actually wear!! I was so chuffed with myself. 

I found this pattern online at Makerist and printed it at home. This is the first PDF I have tried. I have a collection on my laptop. Some free and some I have paid for, this one was €7 (£6ish) 

It’s very easy to follow and comes with colour photos for each stage so you really can’t go to wrong. 

I did the largest size as I know they can come up smaller and I wanted a baggy snuggly end result. Plus I figured I can go smaller if I need to but I can’t go bigger. Apart from length you can also decide if you want a hood or just a coller. I chose hood but I didn’t add the cords, I don’t really like them as the get in the way and the kids I look after tend to chew or try and kill me with them soooooo……

I got my fabric in the half off sale at Minerva crafts its a pollycotton soft on the outside and textured on the inside. I ordered 3 meters and definetly have enough for another sewater the grey ribbing is also from them. Wine comes in very handy for the cutting process. I spent one evening cutting all my pieces, i was hoping to sew some the same night but this part takes alot longer than I thought, plus I needed to sew the pocket on first and my sewing machine was still in habdash hospital with a broken arm (not wine related 😉) 

Sewing machine came out Saturday, bit mucky but fixed so I got to work all day Sunday. FYI if your not too far from Peckham and need a service or some repairs Tagg L is great. He is mostly open Saturdays till 2 and some days in the week but to be safe give him a call first. He replaced my needle arm for £25 when I was quoted £60++ by 3 others. 

Nothing too difficult in this construction in fact I only needed to pin the cuffs and hood the main body was just a case of put face to face and sew up the sides. I used my overlocker and I love it. It’s great to have my seams all finished and secure. 

So here it is, it’s very cosy and a great fit. The sleves are nice and long so I can hide my hands in the cold and it covers my bum which is great. The hood is like having a built in scarf, if really spent miss the cords and is a snug fit over my head. 

I have orders from both sisters, one who now wants one with a pocket for her cat?!?!? 

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