Pattern review! Joline hoodie. 

I have finally completed a item I can actually wear!! I was so chuffed with myself. 

I found this pattern online at Makerist and printed it at home. This is the first PDF I have tried. I have a collection on my laptop. Some free and some I have paid for, this one was €7 (£6ish) 

It’s very easy to follow and comes with colour photos for each stage so you really can’t go to wrong. 

I did the largest size as I know they can come up smaller and I wanted a baggy snuggly end result. Plus I figured I can go smaller if I need to but I can’t go bigger. Apart from length you can also decide if you want a hood or just a coller. I chose hood but I didn’t add the cords, I don’t really like them as the get in the way and the kids I look after tend to chew or try and kill me with them soooooo……

I got my fabric in the half off sale at Minerva crafts its a pollycotton soft on the outside and textured on the inside. I ordered 3 meters and definetly have enough for another sewater the grey ribbing is also from them. Wine comes in very handy for the cutting process. I spent one evening cutting all my pieces, i was hoping to sew some the same night but this part takes alot longer than I thought, plus I needed to sew the pocket on first and my sewing machine was still in habdash hospital with a broken arm (not wine related 😉) 

Sewing machine came out Saturday, bit mucky but fixed so I got to work all day Sunday. FYI if your not too far from Peckham and need a service or some repairs Tagg L is great. He is mostly open Saturdays till 2 and some days in the week but to be safe give him a call first. He replaced my needle arm for £25 when I was quoted £60++ by 3 others. 

Nothing too difficult in this construction in fact I only needed to pin the cuffs and hood the main body was just a case of put face to face and sew up the sides. I used my overlocker and I love it. It’s great to have my seams all finished and secure. 

So here it is, it’s very cosy and a great fit. The sleves are nice and long so I can hide my hands in the cold and it covers my bum which is great. The hood is like having a built in scarf, if really spent miss the cords and is a snug fit over my head. 

I have orders from both sisters, one who now wants one with a pocket for her cat?!?!? 

I’ve got an overlocker!

HELP! 😂😂

So it’s here and I’m feeling out of my depth. I last used one at school and to be honestly I don’t remember this scared using it. 😆

It’s so Fast and Choppy!

I had a play with it last night and I am going to need alot of practise to get my seams straight. I got a Brother 1034D so thankfully there are plenty of online tutorials and tips to be looking at. 

First on the list are my lovely stretch trousers my soon to be mother in law bought me on our last trip to Brazil. They are far too long and I tried and failed on my Janome to sew them. They will be great for winter as they are lovely and thick. 

I have some lovely jersey fabrics in my stash and I have just got some great stuff in the Minerva Crafts sale amazing for a bargain lover like myself. 

Plenty to keep me busy, sorry for the lack of photos this time. 

Crochet hat!

Moving on from blankets I thought I’d try something new as the only thing I’ve really been able to crochet is a granny square! Big ones, small ones, mixed coloured ones and joined together ones, so now winter is coming I’m giving hats a go. 

I think I mentioned in one of my previous blogs that I learnt how to crochet from some great you tubers. My favourite two to watch are Jayda InStiches and Bella Coco. Jayda works on American stitches and Bella Coco works on English but does translate to American for reference. That bit doenst really matter to me as I refer to each stitch as loop, loop-i-doop or loop-over-loop-i-doop 😂 I’m never going to be able to read a pattern as I’m a visual learner so I figured it doesn’t matter too much.

I got this pattern from Jayda’s page and it’s super simple, I adapted it slightly as I wanted to see how reducing the stitches works. 

She uses lovely chunky wool but as I’m just practising I used left over wool from the birthday blanket, it means it takes longer but I still managed to finish this on one day. Its fab Dk wool from Dunelm. I used a 5mm hook for this. 

As I’m making toddler size I made my cuff 2 inches which worked out 11 chain stitches aka loops 😂.

I made the cuff 17 inches long. The child’s head measured 18 inches but I wanted it not to be saggy so I used my gut instinct and made it 1 inch smaller as it will stretch. This works out a perfect fit for his cute little head. 

The next bit is so quick and no counting needed. I stitches round untill it was 2.5 inches high (above cuff. So 4.5 inches in total)  In hind-sight I should have made it a little bigger, I was going for more of a beanie look and maybe one or two more rows would have been better, next time I will do to 3 inches as it doesn’t quid cover his ears. Also on this to make it so the cuff can be turned up I would make it 5 inches tall depends which style you like best. 

I decreased the stitches all the way to the top then turned it inside out for the knotted wool is on the inside.  

I love how it has turned out. Watch this space I see everyone having a new hat for Christmas this year. 

In other news, I have an overlocker in the post -eeekkk! Those jersey trousers won’t know what hit them. 

Thanks for reading. 

The birthday blanket. 

My most amazing mother turns 60 this month and we are all off to Spain to celebrate the big day. She has always envied our beautiful big colourful  crochet blankets made for us by our darling Grandma who passed 2 years ago, she had made one for all the grandchildren (all 14 of us) so I thought it would be a nice gift, colourful but in my own uniformed style. 🤗

The finished blanket. 

I started this with the intention of it being for Christmas however with work commitments, a house move and a wedding to plan it took me a while longer. I finished it the night before we left for the airport so mum could have it before we left.

It’s made up of 130 granny squares 5 rounds long and I used the join as you go method. Mostly once I had made 10 squares I would join them together. 

The wool is from Dunelm. I will say though I am still learning and one thing I hadn’t factored in was the batch codes! I wasn’t sure when I started what I was doing or how large it would be and so I didn’t work out how much to buy, I’m my nieve state I just assumed I could get more if I needed which is half true. As a result this is made of 3 different batch codes, I’m sure no one can tell but I know the bottom squares are a lighter shade than the top which is much brighter. 

This is how I would carry my bits of wool and hook, It went every where with me so when the babies I look after are asleep I could get stuck in, or traveling. In fact parts of this blanket have been to Brazil, Portugal, Switzerland and France. 

130 of these bad boys!

So that’s been my project for the past year or so. 

Next on my list are some actual clothes that I can wear! I have plans for a cardigan and a couple of work dresses. 

See you soon. 

One year on! Let’s catch up. 

Hello guys! I hope your still out there? As I look back at the date of my last post and realise it’s a week short of a year since I last posted anything. 🤔

What a year it has been! 

I’ll start from where I left off. 

So my nephew was born in September, I celebrated by sewing a cute little onsie with some gorgeous stripe cotton I got from the delightful cocowawa.  So many new technical challenges with this but I did it start to finish in a morning. I even used my new ‘poppers’ tool. 

From then on my sewing adventures took a break as my man and I went to Brazil to visit his family and while we were there he popped the question, in the most perfect way so of course I said yes! 

Yep you guessed it my ‘to make’ list has gone from dresses and blankets to wedding related crafts and what a list that has become!!

Also this year I have changed jobs and moved house all in the same month so it’s been a little chaotic around here but my new job is less hours which can only mean more time for craft right?! I treated myself and popped to Ikea to get a little sewing desk and some storage boxes and voila I now have a sewing ‘area’. I’m so happy with it, its not to big but still enough space to leave a project out which has made finishing things alot easier. I would love a dress form but I have been told no for now (One step at a time 😂).

I have a few projects on the go at the moment, this crochet blanket is taking priority as I need to finish it by September for a special someone’s 60th birthday. I’m making some bunting for the wedding, I’ve got a slight obsession about, it’s so quick and easy! I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to make some. I also have some essential in the table but I won’t show you those untill after the wedding which by the way is in April! 8 months and counting. 

Oh I did have a brief sewing holiday and made a lovely maxi dress that I just need to hem. I copied one of my vest tops, made tons of mistakes, one of which head not leaving seam allowance when I cut it out and I couldn’t inserts and how my top would fit but I couldn’t get this dress on, tea and a wedge of ‘frustration’ cake I had the light bulb moment and set to work to put it right. I ended up making 2 strip panels and just added them in from the armpit. I made my own bias (oh la la) and pur it around the back and sleves, it’s amazing how professional it wan make it look. 

I’m sure I’ll get round to finishing it soon but for now It’s on the wait list. 

Baby quilt part 2: Finished product. 

Well here it is finally after a solid day Tuesday I have finished the baby quilt and I am over the moon with the result. 

It’s not perfect and there are a few issues I need to work on for the next one, corners are a little off and top stiching needs some tidying up. 

I ended up adding a white border to tie the back to the front and to make it bigger as I hadn’t thought about the shrinkage with seam allowance. I also used the elephant fabric to make the binding. 

Of cousre I needed to show it on the cot! My sister is very happy with it. 

The Sewing Weekender

Sooooo I am sooooo excited to be attending The sewing weekender hosted by Fold the line. It’s in just under 3 weeks and I am busy thinking about what I will take to make while I’m there. 

I’ve never been to anything like this before, and I enjoyed the Great British sewing bee meet up so much that was hosted by Elena from Sew it with love and Ana from CocoWawa crafts that I had to sign up for this trip and meet up with  lots of like minded people and listening to talks from the experts. 

So for now I am thinking as I signed up to the Simplicity pattern challenge and haven’t started either of my entry makes I should take one to do there. 

I signed up for both the newcomer category and the childrenswear  category. 

I got the itinerary through the other day and I’m pretty sure I will spend more time drinking tea and chatting than sewing but it’s a good thing to be prepared on the off chance I have nothing wise to say 😂😂. 

Failing either of these patterns I have ANOTHER quilt on the go for my boyfriends mum’s birthday. She lives in Brazil and so I am trying to make her something each time I visit. I made her a necklace last year. 

Ok that’s it for now. Have a good week  x