Baby Quilt part 1.

So once again, another ‘new baby’ related make. This baby is going to be very spoilt, there are a few of us family members all busy making bits for him/her. 

My sister and I went on a very successful trip to Shepherd’s Bush for fabric. I got this super cute elephant print which she picked out. I already had a stack of quilting squares in my stash for other projects, so I just needed a backing fabric and some wadding. I got both these near where my sister lives in camberly she lives 5 min walk from a great fabric shop. 

I got a nice spotted white cotton and some thin wadding. I don’t want it to be too warm as it will mostly be used as a play mat rather than a sleep quit. I have enough fabric left to make a pillow or 2 to match. 

I started off with an idea of large and small squares an I cut out 12 large squares and used the ready made quilting squares to put a pattern together. As with most projects I ran out of time and packed it away for a fair few week. When I pulled it back out again I had a whole new look in my head. I decided to cut the small squares into 4 triangles. I also realised how wonky the large squares were so I took the time to measure and cut each one straight this took me all day but with quits you really need to be precise or once you sew it together it won’t have the wow effect and will cause you problems. I learnt this with the last one I did. 

Now everything is cut out and straight I played about with a pattern.

I then started to sew the triangles together I noticed another mistake I have made, I hadn’t taken into account the seam allowance. So now my large squares were much to big. I had to re-measure and re-cut them out so that they would fit. 

Now I have all the right measurements I got on with sewing. Taking care in the extra details, like making sure I match all the squares together evenly. 

It’s coming together lovely. Smaller than I thought because of my forgetting to take into account seam allowance. But still a nice size to be a play mat. 

I shall be making an attempt to finishe this over the weekend fingers crossed so stay tuned for part 2. 

Getting hooked on crochet.ย 


Well I finally finished another project! I was so keen to get this finished and once it all started looking like a blanket it was sooooo rewarding.

My sister is due to give birth to my very first niece or nephew at the beginning of September which I’m sure by now you all know as I never stop talking about it. I’m so excited. 

Any way I took up crochet purely to be able to make him or her a blanket and maybe other things but so far I have only made a buggy blanket and a lot of knots ๐Ÿ˜‰. 

I started off with the simple granny square and wanted to just keep going to get the right size but my inexperience got in the way and my work kept looking twisted and out of shape. Eventually I decided I would stick to small squares and then learn how to add them together.  

This is my second attempt at a large granny square, I finished it off so as not to waste it and the children I look after are using it as a dolly blanket but you can see how twisted it looks. 

After trying a few different techniques I found my rhythm and the tension became a lot more equal. I found that starting my loop with 6 chain stiches, chaining one between each set and making my corners 3 chains instead of 2 made my work a lot flatter. So my granny square is chain 6, slip stich into first chain then 3 chains and 2 trebles into middle for the first ‘shell’ then 3 more sets of 3 trebles with 3 chains in the corner. Once your past this first row it starts to look a lot clearer. And you can just carry on 3 trebles, 1 chain, 3 trebles, corner 3 chains. Just remember to chain 3 for the start of the row and that counts at first treble. The video linked below will help you to see what I mean and then you can adjust to suit your style. 

Once I finished all my squares I had to youtube again how to add them together I found so much help on YouTube but follow 2 very useful channels. First one I looked at was Jada instiches I learnt how to crochet from her various video’s   She does it in such a fun upbeat way it was so easy, however she of course doesn’t use English terms which when I started to try and follow patterns I struggled so I looked for an English guide and found Bella Coco. There are of course hundreds of other people to follow if you just search you will find lots. I found this one very simple to follow and being in English terms I can now understand a little better. This tag is for joining the squares together which she shows you 2 methods. I chose the join as you go method as I liked to look it gave. 

I went for a white border to keep with the neutral theme. Starting off with a row of single crochet’s then a row of ‘scallop’ which are 5 trebble crochet’s into one hole. I love it it’s so easy once you get the hang of it and it gives such a pretty effect. 

I’m so pleased with this blanket and already have plans for the next one much bigger though.


Here is the blanket in pride of place. 

All or nothing.ย 

I have decided to go all in! I had been playing around at being a sewist (not technical term ๐Ÿค“) I decided to go all in and make a dress for the summer from scratch. I found a lovely patterned blue linen fabric at the Wimbledon sewing machine’s sewing and craft superstore,  I discovered this place in the May issue of Sew Magazine. It’s perfect, light and easy to work with. Next job find a pattern. 

I chose this one, the same had a sale on their paterns so I had a look though the massive selection on books and settled on this one.

 I do have a stack of paterns at home already but like many newbies I made the classic mistake of thinking my pattern size is my ready to wear size ๐Ÿ˜”. I am a 16/18 on the hanger but a 20 in the world of sewing, that was a hard pill to swallow but once I git over it it’s not a big deal. More incentive to loose weight I guess but that’s a whole other blog adventure!

Onto the dress, 

It took me pretty much the whole morning just cutting out all the pieces, but when I finally got there it was great to start sewing. 

The bodice came together very quickly and I was so impressed how it was looking so soon like a dress. I decided not to use interfacing and instead I just cut a double piece for the back and front sections. I did this for 2 reasons, first of all, I didn’t know I needed it or even what it was ๐Ÿ˜œ, second, when I found out what it was I didn’t want to make it too stiff.  it looks great without. I have bought some for the next one I make to compare. 

I wish the rest of the dress was this easy or at least I wish I had paid attention. I was able to sew the elastic in and put the top on to check tension was good. That was all fine. The skirt was so bad……….. I put the 2 skirt pieces together the wrong way TWICE! Then I attached the skirt to the bodice the wrong way 3 TIMES๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ก!  I could not believe I was doing it! I started this dress on a Sunday with the hope to finish it by Monday and hem it on Tuesday but it took me 2 weeks after all the mistakes and I ended up taking it with my to my mums one weekend to get her help on the hem. God bless mothers!

So it got finished in the end it its a great fit.

For the next on I am planning to make the mid drift shorter as its a bit long on me.

The one with the ball gown.

I love this one, it was so simple and complicated all at the same time. 

It all started with a monsoon dress on eBay! I loved the look of it and it was a bargain, so who could resist.

As you can see strapless doesn’t really fit well to my body shape and being someone who likes to move on the dance floor I needed something that would have a more elegant fit. 

I ordered some black shiffon fabric on line and got to work draping it over my shoulders to see which style would look best with this dress, I wanted it to cover my arms and drape down a bit.

I pinned the length I wanted and width then copied another piece for the other side. My new sewing machine came with a rolled hem foot which I have been dying to try out. I spent a good few hours watching videos and experimenting to get the finish I wanted, it’s not as hard as it looks, just take your time and be patient with it. Of course with everything I am doing at the moment there we’re mistakes, I rolled one of the hems the wrong way and it not lies on the outside to the sleeve but thankfully it’s so small it’s hard to notice unless you are looking for it. 

After sewing all 4 of the rolled hem seams I set about pinning the sleeves in place with pins, I knew I want the back of the dress to be straight so I could pin that bit on at the table then I put the dress on to pin the front bits.i wanted a ruffle effect and after playing about I decided to put little pleats into the front, once it was all pinned and looked ok I took the dress off and started sewing. I sewed on the back parts first and the put the dress on again just to double check it was ok. I found it easier to rep in the front once I had sewn on the back because I could pull it a little tighter where needed. Dress off again and I sewed the front down. 

I loved this alteration. 

The first oneย 

I’ve wanted to make a quilt for so long, I thought they would be so great for personal Christmas presents. The only aspect of quilt making, or any sewing project for that matter is collecting fabric, I’ve got so much already is insane. Anyway this was a great product to get back into sewing and play about eight my new machine, which still has me in a muddle at times. I started by laying all the pieces on the floor to get some kind of pattern.

I chose to make a pattern with all the green squares and fitted in the others around the greens. 

I made quite a few mistakes when it came to the backing and side pieces, firstly I got to excited when cutting it all and chopped the ends off! Not very helpful and took me ages to figure out what I had done wrong. By the end I was getting frustrated and rushed the sewing as well and now it’s stretched in the one corner. I have watched a few you tube videos and read a few magazines since and I’m looking forward to trying again a bit more prepared this time. Keep posted for that one.